Types of Advertisements in the Online Advertising

Online advertising is an online marketing, the operation of which usually features a website on the search engine results by a way of paying the services required such as the services to post the ads like the Craigslist Posting Services. Online advertisements can also be described as outsource activities to offer products or services through the virtual world with the purpose none other than to make a profit from the sales activities.

– Video Advertising

This video advertising is a form of targeted ads on video content. Various formats are available, including dynamic ads that can appear before, after, or during a particular broadcast video content. The advantage of this advertisement is that it easy to be remembered because just like what is marketed.

– RSS Advertising

These ads appear in the RSS feeds, which can be adapted to the context of the content of the RSS feeds manually or targeted at specific promotional needs. Its advantage is the placement of the ads through the classification needs that have been determined.