The Top Misconceptions of SEO

The myths always lead to misconception. In the world of online marketing, it is often becoming the case particularly for the SEO. For example, there are some companies which spend a lot of time to maximize their own business websites. But in fact, they are doing it with the wrong way. Someone in the online marketing industry making false statements about SEO that make the company come into a look of incompetent. In fact, there are many false myths about seo agency. For you who want to know about it, here are some myths of SEO that lead to misconception you need to know to get the advantages of using the SEO services.

– You just need do it once
Honestly, I read a couple of times that SEO users’ facebook posts that they have finished optimization of their website and was quite satisfied with the results achieved. In my opinion, search engine optimization is not a job that has an end point, because your competitors are also doing will attempt to improve their website performances, and they continuously optimize their websites. In addition, Google also constantly update its search results, so that their search results may change from time to time. Search engine optimization is a process that runs continuously and requires an investment of time and effort on a periodic basis.

– SEO and social media are two different things
Apparently, it is quite understandable that SEO experts who think the social media get nothing to do at all with SEO. In fact, search engines provide a special assessment on the page that has an element of authority in social media. This is why there is the term “Social Search”, as social media and SEO are closely related. We can see of the effort made by Google in developing the Google+ social media and Google Authorship. Relevant content from a trusted source will greatly affect the results of a Google search, and the content shared on social media will be more trusted. So, SEO and social media are things that cannot be separated to each others.

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