Standard of School Laboratory

Laboratory School is one very important aspect that must be present in a school or place of learning. School laboratory serves to as a place for teachers to explore the concept, developing teaching methods as well as a place for students to learn to develop a scientific attitude through practical activities. Besides, the laboratory should also be equipped with the necessary facilities and infrastructure at least in accordance with the strictest standards laboratory facilities. Some of these facilities include public facilities and special amenities.

Then in terms of security should also be considered in detail and carefully, because if a lab does not have high safety standards, the risk of accidents in a lab is very high. With the help of laboratory design atlanta, we can design and build a laboratory in accordance with safety standards. To see the details of what requirements must be met to build a school laboratory you can see reviews below.

A. General Requirements lab site
– A laboratory should not be built in the direction of the wind, it is intended to prevent air pollution. Gas residual chemical reaction less savoury no wind to another room

– Location lab created away from water sources to avoid contamination of water sources which are located around the place.

– Laboratories must have separate sewer order to avoid pollution of water and land resources in the surrounding population.

– Location laboratories should be separated from the other buildings, in order to provide air circulation and lighting the adequate light. Required minimum distance equal to the height of the building closest or 3 meters.

– Location of the laboratory at the complex are easily controlled in the school, it is closely related to the issue of security against theft, fire and others.

B. Some kinds of furniture that should be present in the laboratory
– Tables are used for student activities laboratory. Minimum size 70 cm high, is made to facilitate the students if using a microscope
Student chair without a backrest with a seat height of 50 cm to be easily moved and easily allows students to move.

– Tables demonstration table with a height of 90 cm, with a length of 190 -200 cm equipped with electricity and sink. Demonstration table functions to perform activities if teachers teach by demonstration method.

– Wall table made permanent with the top made of ceramic and bottom cabinets with doors made little hollow to avoid damp.

– A work desk teachers with a minimum size of 90 cm high, 100 cm wide, 120 cm long.

– Cabinets to store goods and keep the lab equipment is not moist